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Recommended Movies
These are movies we have screened through and recommend. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have. Links are provided so you can easily purchase them online from Amazon and Christian Movies. Each link will take you to the invidual movie page for more info, and help with your purchase.

The Encounter (2010)

The Encounter

Director: David A.R. White.
Cast: Bruce Marchiano,
Steve Borden, Jaci Velasquez.

A group of strangers find themselves being given one last chance to discover themselves in a mysterious diner.
PG13 Drama 85 min
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October Baby

October Baby (2012)
Directors: Andrew Erwin,
John Erwin.
Cast: Rachel Hendrix,
Jason Burkey.

A girl discovers she is the survivor of a failed abortion, and begins her search for her mother... and her self. Based loosely on a true story.
PG13 Drama 107 min

Belle and the Beast

Belle And The Beast:
A Christian Romance (2007)

Director: BJ Alexander.
Cast: Stephanie Wood,
Matthew Davis.

A modern twist on the timeless masterpiece Beauty and the Beast, with Christian values thrown in for good measure. Romantic and fun.
All Ages Romance 91 min


One Night With The King

One Night With The King

Directors: Michael O. Sajbel. Cast: Tiffany Dupont, Luke Goss, John Rhys-Davies, Omar Sharif.
Based on the true Biblical story of Hadassah, a Jewish girl who became the Queen of Persia, and risked her life to save her people.
PG13 Drama 123 min

Escape (2012)

Escape (2012)
Director: Paul Emami.
Cast: C. Thomas Howell,
John Rhys-Davies.

A couple who have recently lost their child, try to start their lives over in Thailand as doctors, but the husband is kidnapped and caged with a stranger. They try to escape.
PG13 Drama 91 min


Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer (2011)
Director: Sean McNamara.
Cast: Anna-Sophia Robb,
Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt.

Bethany Hamilton was living her life, doing what she loved most - surf. A shark attack changes her life and her family too.
PG13 True story 106 min

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah

Director: Deryck Broom.
Cast: Ernest Borgnine,
Sandi Patti.

A loveble Easter story of stable animals who go on a quest to save their new friend, a lamb who calls himself a lion.
All Ages Animation 88 min

The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ

Director: Mel Gibson.
Cast: Jim Caviezel,
Monica Bellucci.

This is the most remarkable portrayal of Jesus durng the last 12 hours of his life before the crucifixion, and his victory over death.
Rated R Drama 127 min

End of the Spear

End of the Spear

Director: Jim Hanon.
Cast: Louie Leonardo.

An epic true story about a group of missionary men who were killed by the Waodani in Ecuador, and the families who reached out to the tribe.
PG13 Adventure 108 min

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Director: Michael Apted.
Cast: Ioan Gruffudd,
Albert Finney, Ciarán Hinds.

The true story of abolitionist William Wilberforce in 18th century England. The title comes from a hymn by John Newton, ex slaveship captain.
PG13 Drama 118 min


Apostle Peter & the Last Supper

Apostle Peter & the Last Supper (2012)
Director: Gabriel Sabloff.
Cast: Robert Loggia,
Bruce Marchiano.

An aged Peter is hauled off to prison and is guarded by his Roman captors. During his imprisonment he recounts his time as a disciple of Jesus.
PG13 Drama 88 min
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Amazing Love

Amazing Love

Directors: Kevin Downes.
Cast: Sean Astin,
Elijah Alexander.

Tension arises among a group of headstrong teenagers during a camping trip. The leader then tells an amazing love story of Hosea and Gomer.
All ages Drama 81 min
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What If... (2010)

What If...

Director: Dallas Jenkins.
Cast: Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger,
Kristy Swanson.
Ben Walker walked out on his girlfriend 15 years earlier and became a shrewd businessman. But God had other plans for his life.
All ages Drama 111 min
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Fireproof (2008)


Directors: Alex Kendrick.
Cast: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea.

Lt Caleb Holt is a firefighter whose marriage is on the rocks. Caleb's father puts him on a Love Dare to rekindle the flames of love.
All ages Drama 118 min
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